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  • Single 60 Minute Float = $55

    The Trifecta
    1x 45 Minute Infrared Sauna
    1x 30 Minute Pandora Star Meditation Light
    1x 60 Minute Float Session
    Only $99 

    2x 60 Minute Membership Floats.
    2x Sauna/Pandora Credits.
    Additional Floats $19.
    Additional Sauna/Pandora Credits $15.
    $49 Monthly / Cancel Anytime

    Membership Deals

    Memberships are for those looking to get the most out of their floating experience. Floating is a practice that has a learning curve and an accumulation effect — the more often you do it, the better and more effective it gets, especially in the beginning! Just like the first yoga class, the first meditation sit, the first workout or run, you don't necessarily "perform" the best nor do you receive the full benefits. Floating is no different. Things worth doing take a bit of practice.

    You get the best value by becoming a member! With a membership, you'll enjoy the best floating experience with flexible terms, the best prices on floats, and many perks




    4x 60 Minute Membership Floats.

    4x Alternative Credits.

    Additional Floats $19.

    Additional Alternative Credits $15.

    $75 Monthly / Cancel After 3 Months

    10x 60 Minute Membership Floats.

    8x Alternative Credits.

    Additional Floats $15.

    Additional Alternative Credits $15.

    $199 Monthly / Cancel After 3 Months

    Unlimited Membership Floats.

    10 Alternative Credits.

    Guest Floats @ $15

    Additional Alternative Credits $10.

    $275 Monthly / Cancel Anytime

    With no long-term contracts and the ability to suspend your membership, the membership is the way to go! Dive deep into your self-care, experience profound personal growth, manage stress, start or supplement your meditation practice, and connect to an amazing community of conscious-minded individuals!

    Alternative Credits = Infrared Sauna or Pandora Star Session.
    Membership Floats = NonShareable.
    Additional Floats = Sharable.

    - Loyalty Program Coming Soon.
    - Soft Opening Pricing Subject To Change. Lock in this pricing now!

    Unlimited Infrared Sauna

    Unlimited Pandora Star Deep Meditation Light