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You don't need anything when you come to float. 

Each room has a shower, we provide organic soap, clean towels and fresh water. A post float station to get the salt out of your ears or blow dry your hair.

NFT is the highest industry standards of service, with top tier technology, and cleanliness. 


We recommend that you eat about 45-60 minutes BEFORE your float session and avoid consuming caffeine within 3-4 hours of your float. This will allow you to be relaxed and comfortable and not be thinking about being hungry or your racing heart from that espresso you just downed. 

We also recommend that you do not shave your legs or face for a day before the float; small cuts will sting from the salt solution and can be distracting. 

Also, if you recently colored your hair, we ask that you wait at least a week before floating. 

Lastly, please show up 15 minutes before the scheduled float so that we have time to go over the Pre-float and Post-float instructions.


- trust the water. Allow the water to hold your entire body, observe if you are holding onto any tension unconsciously that could prevent you from fully letting go.

- be sure to give yourself what YOU need to relax. Maybe that means starting with the door open for a bit, maybe it means propping the door of the tank just slightly throughout your first float, maybe it is allowing yourself to exit the tank whenever you want. You are always in complete control of the experience, you can get out whenever you want so there is no need to stress or panic, floating is supposed to be and is (with some practice) a beautiful, personal, deeply rejuvenating experience.

- Pre-first-float-apprehension is common, so work with yourself and give yourself what you need to feel great, to trust and to relax. This is a part of the learning curve of floating. Use compassion and non-judgment to give yourself full permission to "LET GO". Connecting with the deeper float experiences can happen on the first float for some, for others it is not uncommon to need to try floating 2-3 times before they experience that deeper connection, the true surrendering and letting go. So it's best to look at floating as a process, as a practice.

Non-attachment, non-judgement, and non-resistance are the learnings the float tank can teach us. Relax, let go, and simply BE!


Here are some simple tips to help you prepare for your float and techniques you can use while in the tank to help you optimize your floating experience. Be sure to review the list below!


+ Shaving

For men, avoid shaving your face at least 6 hours before you float. For women, avoid shaving your body at least 12 hours before your float. Any lesions will be distracting due to the Epsom salt sting.

+ Eating

A super full stomach is not great for floating, nor is the emptiest of stomachs. Having a light, easily digestible meal 1.5 to 2 hours pre-float is probably ideal.

+ Hydration

Being dehydrated before the float may not be the best state, particularly for your brain. A healthy daily hydration practice is just good for optimal biology!

+ Bathroom

Be sure to use the bathroom prior to showering before you float. Talk about a distraction while in the tank.

+ Caffeine

Definitely avoid having caffeine before you float. The stimulation you experience from caffeine is the exact opposite way you’ll want to go when you are in the tank. By the end of your float you most likely will not feel like you need your fix.

+ Coupling activities

We have found performing physical activity (yoga, cardio, or resistance training) before you float to greatly enhance the floating experience. Your body has expended pent-up energy, muscles and tissues are loose and flowing with blood, your mind is clear and calm. Combining floating to this state can potentially create a deeper state of meditation. Be sure to have a little snack (not junk food) post-activity and pre-float. Nuts, fruit, juice, or smoothies are good options… Just not too much.

+ Hair dyes

For guests with recently coloured hair or highlights, we recommend not floating until roughly one week or more after treatment. Dyes can (in some cases) bleed out or be affected by the heavy concentration of epsom salt. Please consult your hair stylist before floating.


+ Breathing

Your breath can be an amazing tool for calming the mind and relaxing the body. Try to breathe primarily from your nose. At first, you can consciously take deep breaths, but once you settle into your experience try less to manipulate the breath and more just observing the breath. Your body will always remember to breath, there is no need to control your breath.

+ Positions

The most important thing is to get comfortable. There are only two real positions in the tank:

With your arms at your side, palms down; Arms over-head with your palms up. Play around with the two to see which feels better for your body. Also, try to position your body in the middle of the tank to avoid “ping-ponging” from side to side. To do this, brace your arms and legs against the sides of the tank to position your torso in the middle, and once you feel the water to be calm, slowly and evenly retract your limbs back to the mid-line of your body. Try not to generate any momentum from either side so that you remain in the middle and avoid the distraction of bumping into the side. Once you like your position and feel comfortable try to remain still and consciously relax all of your muscles.

+ Letting go (lack of effort)

Don’t “try” to do anything in the tank, don’t force something to happen, don’t expect something to happen; this is the exact opposite direction from where you may want to go while in the tank. You will not fall asleep necessarily, just be present. Repetition of a focus word such as “peace”, “relax”, or “let go” spoken in your mind in unison with your exhalation can help at first, but the message here is to just let go of conscious control.

+ Stillness

Being physically still by finding a comfortable position and remaining there combined with stilling your mind either through breath awareness or a focus word (mantra) can lead you into a state of holistic stillness. This can generate the perception of timelessness, your state of being will be extremely relaxed and this is when the body is in a state of healing.

+ Sensitivity

With external stimuli at a minimum, your nervous system will turn up the volume to try and sense anything. Since there is still “nothing” coming in there is a great opportunity to simply sense whatever is left to be felt within your internal body. Feel your arms, legs, torso, head, as intensely as possible. Cultivate as much sensitivity to these parts as possible. Feel the energetic uniformed consistency of these parts and observe them without judgment, without limits. Observe your thoughts, emotions and sensations.